Efficiency is at the center

ledxon is committed to integrated lighting solutions – from planning to implementation – from a single source, and to sustainable, energy-efficient production. In everything we do, we strive to meet the highest quality demands, while providing a convenient and comprehensive service for customers.


We focus on sustainable and energy-efficient production at our two production sites. Quality assurance and process optimisation to support processes and production are also fixed components of our company philosophy, as is compliance with all the usual standards within the lighting industry. Centralised quality management, a research and development department and our in-house light laboratory mean our customers can rely on receiving the highest quality in the long term, as well as the best possible advice for their requirements.


Our goal is satisfying customers. For this reason, we believe that consultancy, planning, assembly and support always go hand-in-hand. We deliver fully integrated lighting concepts for new builds, and – during conversions and retrofits – demonstrate potential for improvement to lighting concepts that are already in place.