Innovative technologies

In order to continually meet the constantly changing demands of our customers, marketing, development and research go hand in hand at ledxon. Our research team works constantly on new technologies and innovative ideas, and we are particularly interested in what the customer needs, so that we can take their preferences and requirements into account during product development. It’s only possible to provide practical, future-oriented solutions if you understand the customer and know exactly what is necessary to them.

Long-term qualification

ledxon has 30 years of experience in display lighting, and is one of the leading companies in the sector. Over the course of our company history, we have acquired a great deal of specialist knowledge in all sectors, from shelving to refrigerated counters to ceiling-mounted lights. We use this for the development of fully integrated lighting concepts, which involve all light sources and also the entire room.


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In-house development

We deliver electronics development, visual development and product design from a single source. Based on the interaction of these three areas, our in-house light laboratory creates LED products and room lighting concepts that meet our customers’ requirements, while also fulfilling the highest quality standards.

Visual development

  • Simulation: Efficient utilisation of light / object analysis
  • Prototyping: Material selection / rapid prototyping
  • Light reporting and documentation: Goniophotometers / spectrometers / integrating spheres

Electronics development

  • LED specifications: Maximum efficiency / MacAdams selection
  • PCB technology: Schematic capture / Circuit board material selection / PCB layout
  • Thermal management: Heatsink material selection / thermal resistance calculation