Factors in the graying of sausage and meat products

In any supermarket, foods always have to look extremely fresh, crisp, and appetizing. Which is particularly tricky when it comes to meat and sausage products, because there the natural graying process sets in fast. Not that greying is a sign of inferior quality, but rather a natural reaction: As soon as the products come into contact with oxygen and light, the colorant in the meat oxidizes.
In the case of packaged goods, the graying process is reduced a great deal, because there is a very low oxygen content inside the packs.
By the way the same technical know-how applies to fish counters and chilled shelves. So in short designing the right light is where we excel making any type of food look truly fresh – fish or meat.


Brightness and the spectrum – where less is more.

The inescapable fact is that bright and particularly intense light causes rapid graying. Which is why we’ve developed a special light for meat and sausage products. Ledxon Fresh Meat contains the ideal color spectrum for gentle illumination of meat products: With less blue in the white light, we’ve reduced the light energy of the luminaires and thus slow down the oxidation process of the goods. Fresh Meat emphasizes both the white fat grains and the red nuances evenly.


Holistic lighting systems.

Our light designers, lens developers and engineers create holistic and balanced light solutions in supermarkets. Hereby establishing a perfect harmony of light, space and products. We develop perfectly attuned solutions from shelf to ceiling with the right brightness and spectrum required – not only to feature your products, but turn your customers’ visit into a sensory experience.