Projekt Absolut Vodka Berlin

Absolut Vodka Berlin

Absolut Vodka Berlin

In 2012, point led modules by ledxon brought the facade of the House of Travel Berlin Alexanderplatz to light. “Absolut Art Stream” was the name of the project initiated by Absolut Vodka. Various artists such as filmmaker Matthias Maercks and the French painter Yué Wu realized their ideas of the cult label.

The designers Alexis Dornier and Ilya Bentscheff made an extraordinary light installation out of 197 four and a half liter bottles of Absolut Vodka. On the 9th floor on a 30 square meter area a psychedelic light spectacle was created. “We needed a lighting component for this, which we could fill in a bottle,” explains Alexis Dornier. “And we wanted to control each individual light source individually.” The two opted for Alustars by ledxon. For particularly bright, efficient lighting effects, the designers have directed the light beam into a glass tube, which they put into the bottles.

The 10-meter-high construct consisting of several tons of absolute vodka bottles had to be transported across Berlin before it could be hoisted up the 40-meter-high facade. A play of light made up of alternating turquoise, pink and yellow tones became a colourful eye-catcher at Alexanderplatz. The LED lights in the bottles were coupled with the lamps in the MADE, the opposite showroom for art. The light patterns were controlled via a touchboard. “To see how this facade becomes alive, was for me sometimes the best thing about the project,” says Alexis Dornier.

General data

Description: Light installation at Berlin Alexanderplatz
Project type: Light installation
Location: Berlin
Customer: Alexis Dornier und Ilja Bentscheff
Year: 2012
Products: Alustars

Lichtinstallation Absolut Vodka

Alustars by ledxon shine in the 197 bottles of Absolut Vodka. The delicate lighting component was perfect for the project.

Installation Absolut Vodka Berlin

At a height of 40 meters, the light installation with Alustars by ledxon was installed on the façade of the “Haus des Reisens” on Alexanderplatz in Berlin.