Apple Premium reseller

High-quality technical devices such as smartphones and laptops need immaculately illuminated rooms – crispy, clean and minimalist. We modernized the lighting system at Agelero, an Apple premium reseller, and ensured the existing conventional luminaire types are fit for contemporary and flexible use. The goal: a smart and contemporary lighting design that boasts high energy efficiency levels and greater flexibility.
Our project experts developed a lighting concept that perfectly balances high-quality basic lighting with flexibly expandable tracks and freely positionable luminaires. Not only do TLM1 spotlights provide great accent lighting (thanks to their high color brilliance). But there is also ample white light to support the different product segments and packaging colors, not to mention the typical Apple CI specifications.
Here we focused on more brilliance, immaculately illuminated spaces, and an absolutely energy-efficient system.

General data

Description: Complete makeover of ceiling, office, functional rooms
Type of project: conversion
Location: Landshut
Client: Agelero IT Systems
Year: 2021
Products: TP1, TLM1, Edos Flat Panel, power track system