Bäckerei Eschle

Bakery Eschle

Bakery Eschle

The light in a bakery makes special demands. For one thing, it should not get too hot, which is why LED lighting is most suitable. On the other hand, it requires a special light colour for baked goods. A higher yellow content emphasizes the natural colour of the pastry and makes it look fresh and appetizing in the display.

The refurbishment of the Eschle bakery also required a refined lighting solution that was both effective and discreet. The company Schweitzer Ladenbau decided therefore for ledxon as a partner for the illumination of counter, shelf and bread display.

With the indirect lighting of the shelves behind the service counter, the choice fell on flexible LED modules. Their advantage is that they illuminate the entire area while the light source itself is kept in the background. In the service counter and the refrigerated display, DLB light bars put the baked goods in the best light with their specially matched light color.

General data

Description: Light for counter and bread display
Project type: Conversion refitting
Location: Frontenhausen
Customer: Schweitzer Ladenbau
Year: 2013
Products: DLB, flexible LED modules (Linear Flex)

Bäckerei Eschle Regalbeleuchtung

For lighting the bread display, the choice fell on the DLB light bars.

Bäckerei Eschle Auslagenbeleuchtung

A slightly yellowish light colour makes baked goods look especially fresh and appetizing.

Flexible LED modules illuminate the shelves in the rear shop area.