Gries Deco Company operates a nationwide network of home accessories and small furniture shops under the name Depot. During Advent 2018, the company equipped nine selected branches throughout Germany with a new shop window lighting concept, which as part of the seasonal decoration was to attract passers-by and pull them in front of the display. In this way, the furnishing expert wanted to ensure that the Christmas atmosphere created by the light was transported to the customer via the shop window.

Gries Deco Company entrusted ledxon with the implementation, as the company’s concept promised a quick and problem-free process. In each of the selected branches, five pre-programmed, Bluetooth-controlled black TL1 tracklights with a warm white light colour and a beam angle of 15 degrees were installed. In the first scene, these individually illuminated one of a total of five festively decorated Advent wreaths for a period of two seconds, before simultaneously setting the scene for all five wreaths placed in the shop window.

In order to give the installation a special Christmas magic, the windows were covered with black foil. This ensured that the dynamic lighting concept came into its own to the full extent after dark. “Dynamic shop window concepts like this are the model of the future,” says ledxon managing director Benjamin Garufo. “Static light alone will no longer be enough to make a shop window attractive in the future”.

How the dynamic lighting concept works exactly can be seen in this video from the Depot branch in Stuttgart’s Königstrasse.

General data

Description: Dynamic shop window lighting
Project type: Lighting installation
Location: Nationwide / Example from Stuttgart
Customer: Gries Deco Company
Year: 2018
Products: Tracklight TL1

ledxon Projekt Depot

Since the shop windows were covered with black foil, the light installation came into its own perfectly after dark.

ledxon Projekt Depot

In the first scene of the row, the five tracklights each put a wreath of Advent in the perfect light before they made the whole window shine together.