Edeka Hille

We are retail lighting experts and professionals for food industry lighting.

Thanks to our many years of experience in lighting fresh-food counters and refrigerate cabinets, we are true specialists in illuminating meat, fish, and cheese as well as fruit and vegetables. We remodeled all the lighting and converted it to LED for the Edeka Hille in Grosskarolinenfeld – making the system both extremely energy-efficient and radiantly bright. We focused particularly on the open refrigerated shelves and fresh-food counters for fish, meat, and sausage: Our MDL-T strip lights have a dual light output and evenly illuminate the top shelf as well as all the display fronts below, all the way to the bottom of the shelves. Special light colors such as Cheese & Pastry and Fresh Meat now emphasize the individual characteristics of the food products. The result is particularly radiant lighting with significantly reduced energy consumption.


General data

Description: Lighting with special light colors for the open refrigerated section
Project type: Retrofit
Location: Großkarolinenfeld
Customer: Edeka Hille
Year: 2017
Products: MDL-T

Edeka Hille
Edeka Hille