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Edeka Stock

Edeka Stock

“Good light is everything for me,” explains Stefan Stock from Edeka Stock in Ergoldsbach. Almost all of the old lights in the cooling area were broken and so he took the opportunity to convert to LED lighting. Not only the cost factor played a role. It was also a quick implementation required, and his goods should shine in the future, of course, in a most advantageous light.

The choice of the right light colour and targeted lighting were essential in equipping the four island display freezers and three refrigerated multideck cabinets. For the asymmetric geometry of the islands, the DLB-B asym was the perfect choice. A special lens adjusts the light distribution to the furniture, so that the strip illuminates the shelves evenly to the furthest corners. The refrigerated multideck cabinets used the MDL-T. Due to the double light emission, it illuminates not only the upper shelf, but also all the underlying display fronts to the foot of the shelf consistently bright. The light colours matched to the goods, such as “Cheese & pastry” and “Fresh meat” present all products as naturally as possible, fresh and appetizing.

With the new lighting, the supermarket refrigeration area is looking more modern. “It looks more appealing and it is much brighter,” says Stefan Stock. “This is also very different for the customer.” The product moves more into the spotlight and immediately attracts the attention of the buyers. At the same time, the LEDs save money due to their lower energy consumption and long service life.

Allgemeine Daten

Description: Light for refrigerated multideck cabinets and island display freezers
Project type: conversion refitting
Location: Ergoldsbach
Customer: Edeka Stock
Year: 2017
Products: DLB-B asym, MDL-T

Matched to the goods light colors present all products particularly advantageous.

Edeka Stock

For the asymmetric geometry of the island display freezers, the DLB-B asym was the perfect choice.