Hundekeks & Co

The pet shop Hundekeks & Co. had moved from Ländgasse to Rosengasse in Landshut. Since the ceilings there are much higher and the premises much more spacious, the previous lighting was no longer sufficient to show the goods off to their best advantage. Therefore owner Marion Fischer commissioned ledxon to develop a new lighting concept that integrates the existing lights and at the same time increases the basic brightness in the shop.

For five years, Hundekeks & Co. has been a permanent institution among Landshut’s dog and cat owners. In addition to homemade treats and allergen-free canned food, there are dishes for pug and mongrel as well as organic chewing sticks for dachshunds and dobbies. Fischer, who runs the shop together with her daughter Sina, even has an Advent calendar for pets in her programme. In order to perfectly present the advantages of the respective product groups, Key Account Manager Retail Silvana Torretta decided to focus on a concept with two different light colours.

20 watt white TL1 tracklights were used. While some of the luminaires with warm white light now create a cosy ambience in the shop, the spotlights equipped with neutral white light provide well-dosed accents and spot lighting in selected zones. “This applies above all to areas equipped with goods that have large inscriptions,” explains Torretta. “By using two different colours, we are able to emphasise the different product groups and highlight their respective advantages.”

A concept that already benefits Marion Fischer today. “The light colours make the room cosy. The spot lighting makes my customers aware of the shelves, which they had barely noticed before. In addition, the tracklights themselves look really chic.”

General data

Description: Complete lighting equipment
Project type: conversion refitting
Location: Landshut
Customer: Hundekeks & Co
Year: 2018
Products: Tracklight TL1 S 20

Projekt Hundekeks & Co

The tracklights create different light zones in the store.

Projekt Hundekeks & Co

Neutral white light ensures good legibility of the fonts.