Magnushof health food store

Magnushof health food store

The yard shop had been completely rebuilt. Among other things, the operators had removed a wall and integrated a café. Since the previous lighting did not do justice to the new style, ledxon was commissioned to develop and implement a lighting concept. The tight budget was a particular challenge.

The Magnushof-Bioladen is not just any ordinary shop, but part of a foundation called Regens-Wagner-Stiftung. The foundation has set itself the task of supporting people with disabilities. Affected women and men work, among other things, directly at the farm or at the counter in sales. Since ledxon attaches great importance to social commitment, the project was particularly close to the hearts of the lighting experts from the outset. In order to be able to implement the best possible lighting solution despite limited financial resources, sales employee Andreas Mussack took a great deal of time to design a suitable concept.

Orderly work processes at low cost could be guaranteed through close cooperation with the in-house electrician of the organic shop. The team replaced the old halogen lighting on the ceiling with white models of the TL 1 tracklight, which fit perfectly into the bright and friendly atmosphere of the room. To achieve this, the craftsmen laid a total of 57 metres of conductor rails. The four new DLB-B strips with matching light tone now provide an attractive appearance on the bread shelf.

Special light colours were also used in the areas for meat, fruit and vegetables. As these products originate entirely from the Magnushof’s own production, it was particularly important to both the managers of the yard shop and the ledxon team to bring out the freshness of the food in the best possible way. The textiles in turn are now presented in a light that has a CRI value of 90. This makes them particularly realistic and colourfast.

“We are very satisfied with the execution of the project,” says yard shop manager Michael Schilling. “From planning to execution, everything was perfect. And Mr. Mussack and his team provided valuable tips free of charge at all times”.

General data

Description: Complete lighting equipment
Project type: conversion refitting
Location: Igling-Holzhausen
Customer: Magnushof-Bioladen
Year: 2018
Products: Tracklight TL1, DLB-B


The completely renovated yard shop now has a new café


The ledxon team replaced the old halogen lighting on the ceiling with white models of the TL 1 tracklight.