Magnushof health food store

Each project is as individual as the customer. Whether it’s an international retailer or a farm-shop owner – we develop a perfectly tailored lighting concept for every customer and every space.
For the small Magnushof health food store in Igling-Holzhausen, we supported the owners from the remodeling of the store space through installation of the lighting system, to the store reopening.
The store is the flagship of the farm, where products from the Magnushof are sold directly – freshness is the name of the game here. When remodeling the store space, the emphasis was on optimizing the goods presentation and lighting concept. We found an effective and affordable solution for this small store – with selected strip lights and changing special colors for atmospheric changes of light to match the goods on offer. For fresh basic lighting, we replaced the old halogen lighting in the ceiling with white Tracklights TL1 models. And we also added new highlighting, whereby DLB-B strips with an appropriate light tone were used for the bread counter. In the meat, fruit, and vegetables sections, meanwhile, special light colors were used.

General data

Description: Full lighting installation
Project type: Retrofit
Location: Igling-Holzhausen
Customer: Magnushof health food store
Year: 2018
Products: Tracklight TL1, DLB-B