MAN Dachau

The many years of cooperation with MAN Truck & Bus AG began in 2014. For reasons of energy saving, the logistics company had its warehouse in Dachau converted to LED lighting. Ledxon initially installed just under 1000 T8 Pro tubes at a height of 9 meters.

The LED lighting not only consumes less power, but is also brighter and easier to maintain. Later, therefore, the conversion of the shelf in the adjacent warehouse was added. 900 T8 eco-tubes, each with 23 watts, shine here.

Another warehouse ledxon has equipped with 1100 T8 Eco. In 2017, MAN finally tackled a renovation project. As part of the new installation, a total of 500 T8 Pro tubes in a high-bay warehouse were installed.

General data

Description: Lighting for warehouses
Project type: Conversion refitting and new installation
Location: Dachau
Customer: MAN Truck & Bus AG
Year: 2017
Products: T8 Pro, T8 Eco

MAN Dachau Lager

The company saves a lot of electricity with the energy-efficient T8 Pro.

The LED lighting is not only economical, but also very bright.