Messe Frankfurt/Main.

Frankfurt is not only one of Germany’s most important transportation hubs, but also home to the largest trade fair, congress, and event organizer in the world. We have been a partner of Messe Frankfurt for lighting equipment since as long ago as 2012. One outstanding project: the design of the entrance area of Messe Frankfurt in Hall 6.0. We staged the Café Bar as a central meeting point and used the “Globe” luminaire for this purpose. Dangling from the ceiling on long cords the round lamps bathe the space in a warm light. They foster an unmistakable identity. For the basic hall lighting, we chose recessed spotlights in various wattages just as we did in the executive tower at the center of the trade fair.

For the emergency lighting in the underground car park, we opted for the “A50”: It’s AC/DC compatible and switches to battery or generator operation in the event of a power failure. In other words, the “A50” also lights up in emergency power operation with DC voltage. It ensures sufficiently bright rooms in normal operation as well as in an emergency situation. We have developed the right lighting solution and ideal illuminant for every room.


General data

Description: Light for restaurant, entrance area, office premises and underground car park
Type of project: conversion and re-installation
Location: Frankfurt/Main
Client: Electronica GmbH
Year: 2012 – 2017
Products: EDOS recessed spotlights, illuminants Globe and A50

Projekt Messe Frankfurt Konferenz
Projekt Messe Frankfurt Cafeteria
Messe Frankfurt Kantine
Messe Frankfurt Tiefgarage