Moden Schweiss

Nearly 600 Track- and Downlights in various performance classes effectively stage the three floors and the shop windows in the Modehaus Schweiss near Regensburg. The family business, founded in 1956, is one of the largest fashion houses in the region. Accordingly, for CEO Roman Schweiss a successful lighting concept was important.

“For textiles, we pay particular attention to a high CRI value,” explains ledxon project manager Michael Schneider. The luminaires with a CRI 90 realistically show colours and materials, thus preventing customers from coming back disappointed to exchange their goods. In addition, a clear advantage of LED comes into play here. The light contains almost no UV component. So clothes will not fade.

But most important of all Roman Schweiss was that his clients feel comfortable. “There’s a lot going on in the subconscious,” he is convinced. And the influence of lighting should not be underestimated. Therefore, the predominant feature in the whole store is the light colour warm white. “For a welcoming atmosphere, the light must not be too cool and sterile,” explains Michael Schneider. “That, too, is part of the staging.” And this has been achieved in Modehaus Schweiss all around. The employees also think so. “It’s much brighter and you can see the colours better,” they rejoice.

General data

Description: Ceiling lighting for the fashion house
Project type: Conversion refitting
Location: Schierling
Customer: Moden Schweiss
Year: 2018
Products: Downlight DLA1, Tracklight TL1, EDOS Einbaustrahler

Moden Schweiss

Downlights with a CRI value of 90 emphasize the natural colours of clothing.

ledxon Projekt Moden Schweiss

The movable recessed luminaires also set the scene for individual action areas in the shop and shop window.