MyDutyFree Munich Airport

We think holistically – from the large scale down to the smallest details. As can be readily seen at MyDutyfree at Munich Airport. The satellite terminal opened at the end of April 2016 and features a 2,600-square-meter MyDutyFree zone with three outlets and 15 retail stores. More than 40 million passengers pass through the airport every year. Vitra chose us as a partner for the retail concept for the shopping mall. We designed the lighting for all the shelving systems in the MyDutyFree zone. Sounds complex? It was.

We dedicated ourselves to the task of devising a flexible all-round solution suitable for all the control systems and all manner of materials – from wood to glass to metal. The Linear Rigid Components are universally applicable and adaptable for all Vitra shelves. For high-quality illumination of all the different wares in the entire shopping zone – and a discreet yet powerfully presentation.

General data

Description: Lighting of shelving
Type of project: customized development
Location: Munich
Client: Vitra
Year: 2016
Products: rigid LED modules (Linear Rigid)

MyDutyFree Flughafen München
MyDutyFree Flughafen München