Optician Busse-Müller

Within six weeks of remodeling, Busse-Müller eyewear studio had a completely new look. The remodeling included the redesign of the interior as well as a comprehensive makeover of the electrical engineering.
We converted the compact space into open consultation zones suffused with light. Our lighting concept helps customers swiftly get their bearings in the store, creates clarity, and presents the eyewear to best effect. To this end, we opted for discreet highlights.
We chose light colors to suit the corporate identity – open, bright and friendly. For example, the elegant, simple TLM1 spotlight series harmonizes perfectly with the plain ceiling architecture. We set design highlights by deploying pendant luminaires.

General data

Description: New build / refurbishment of an optician’s
Type of project: new build
Location: Höchberg
Client: Optik Busse-Müller GmbH (optician)
Year: 2021
Products: TLM1, TLM1 pendant luminaire, Edos Flat Panel