Petalclouds Changi Airport Singapore

Singapore International Airport is one of the 20 largest in the world. What counts here is a perfect infrastructure geared to smooth air traffic as well as a high level of well-being for travelers. And light of course also plays a decisive role. Amidst the hustle and bustle there is now a tranquil oasis of light – the Petalclouds – a huge kinetic installation of light, music and movement at Changi Airport Singapore. It comprises six identical sculptures spread out over a length of 200 meters. The magnificently glittering elements which move in sync with each other are each attached to two motors by steel cables. A total of 96 rings were purpose-designed to this end, and Linear Flex LED modules from Ledxon serve as light sources. They are important building blocks of the art installation. The shimmering work of light art creates a calm atmosphere and a welcome contrast to the frantic bustle of the airport.

We developed a software that handles perfect interaction of the sculpture’s individual elements. Indeed, we are much more than lighting engineers in this project: We are passionate lighting designers and creative minds. Light is our passion.


General data

Description: Kinetic installation at Terminal 4, Changi Airport
Project participants: Ólafur Arnalds (composer), Takenaka Corporation (construction), MKT AG Olching (technical development), Ledxon GmbH (Linear Flex LED modules)
Type of project: light installation
Location: Singapore
Client: MKT AG Olching
Year: 2017
Products: Flexible LED modules (Linear Flex)

ledxon Projekt Petalclouds
ledxon Projekt Petalclouds