Pilot project “Initiative Pluskühlung” – sales promotion initiative

In times of digitalisation and increasing e-commerce, many areas of the stationary non-food trade in particular must show creativity in order to attract customers to your stores. Retailers must now offer the customer a shopping experience to remain attractive.

The food trade, on the other hand, has enormous potential to increase sales by further driving impulse purchases. This is done, among other things, by presenting products in an attractive and fresh way.

As a result, we are now increasingly seeing a change and flexibility in the design of sales areas, including in supermarkets. One department that still gives a static impression is the “Freshness / Cold” department.  For this reason an initiative was founded for the sober and technical charisma of the section with the name “Initiative Pluskühlung” (Initiative Plus Cooling), whose idea for the pilot project was provided by the company Reger Consulting.

In the “Cooled Food Section”, the customer specifically takes his products from the shelves and leaves again immediately. In this area, no customer is activated or motivated to stay longer and he will not be convinced to buy a product that is not on the shopping list. This is exactly where the project with the CBL-RGB-BT luminaire from Ledxon comes in.

The light strip is used to create coloured background lighting of the corresponding themed shelves or the individual shelves. Using “Colour Blocking” as a measure, the customer is given orientation, the depth effect of the furniture is increased and the section as a whole is made attractive. The lighting concept is intended to increase the customer’s sense of well-being and thus the length of time they stay. Alternatively, Ledxon’s light strips can be used to highlight individual floors in colour and thus draw attention to changing promotional products.

Within the scope of the project “Initiative Pluskühlung” Ledxon GmbH in person of Silvana Torretta as manufacturer of the strips, together with Reger Consulting GmbH – creator of the concept – and a well-known manufacturer of refrigerated cabinets, realized a first successful test run in the Edeka branch in Sülfeld near Hamburg. The owner Claudia Wittorf was convinced from the beginning that Ledxon CBL-RGB-BT strips would increase sales. After a test phase of now more than two months, she has already recorded turnover increases in large parts of the product range. For Claudia Wittorf, it is therefore clear that Ledxon’s light strips will continue to be used in refrigerated cabinets and that various sales-increasing actions and concepts will be implemented with them.

The use of the strips in other areas of the supermarket is also not excluded. The project group is working on this. The CBL-RGB-BT luminaire for effect lighting will be available from mid 2020.

General data

Description: Pilot project – “Initiative Pluskühlung
Project type: Effect lighting in refrigerated cabinets
Location: Sülfeld near Hamburg
Client: Edeka Wittorf
Year: 2020
products: CBL-RGB-BT