Privathaus in Frankfurt am Main

Privat house Frankfurt am Main

Privat house Frankfurt am Main

The private house in Frankfurt am Main is an example of the many possibilities of a special light staging. From the atmospheric lighting in the wellness area to filaments on the piano and smaller lamps in the paintings to the black floodlights outside in the garden, different light scenes were created throughout the house.

In addition to better illumination, energy-related factors and the longevity of LEDs played a decisive role for the family. With the four-meter-high ceilings, it is time-consuming to replace the bulbs regularly. In some places, such as the bunk bed in the nursery, the old lamps were also constantly broken. Through the closed area between the lower and the upper bed, the bulbs became so hot that it came to heat accumulation. In contrast to conventional lamps, the proportion of infrared heat in the LED is negligible.

The energy efficiency of the new LED lighting became noticeable quickly. Unlike before, the family now has only one-fifth of the previous energy supply. At the same time, the light output is much better. As a stylistic device, the modern lighting concept emphasizes the furnishings and architecture of the villa.

General data

Description: Private house
Project type: conversion refitting
Location: Frankfurt am Main
Customer: private
Year: 2016
Products: EDOS recessed spots and illuminants

Privathaus Badezimmer

In the bathroom, the lighting should be as atmospheric as possible.

Privathaus Küche

With the high ceilings, the replacement of lamps is costly. Longevity was therefore particularly important.

Privathaus Kinderzimmer

The lighting concept matches the beautiful architecture of the villa.

Privathaus Kinderzimmer

For the closed area between the lower and upper bed in the nursery, LEDs were ideal because they do not heat up so much.