Referenze Bahnhof Groningen

Railway station Groningen

Railway station Groningen

A special feature of the train station Groningen in the Netherlands is the terraced area around the station. Plants adorn the grounds, and at night small floor lamps spread their pleasant light here at regular intervals.

Lighting designer Ulrike Brandi needed a partner with a lot of experience in the field of OEM solutions to develop the corresponding light source for the luminaires. The decision finally fell on the Alustars by ledxon. In cooperation with the Hamburg lighting designer and the electrical company Van Dorp, ledxon has adapted brightness, lens and module to the product. In the different areas and sections on the small terraces, different beam angles are used.

This makes the train station a bright draw on the southern side of downtown Groningen, where visitors and travelers feel safe and welcome at all times.

General data

Description: lamps for outdoor lighting
Project type: Custom development
Location: Groningen/Netherlands
Customer: Van Dorp installaties BV
Year: 2013
Products: Alustars

Bahnhofsplatz Groningen

The floor lamps on the terraced system required an OEM lighting solution.

Bahnhof Groningen

Ledxon has adapted the lens, brightness and module of the Alustars to Ulrike Brandi´s product.

Bahnhof Groningen

Different beam angles are used in the different areas and sections.