Reisefabrik, Constance

In the internet age, most people book their travel online, meaning travel companies are having to reinvent themselves to attract customers: These days, a travel agency must be a place that invites you to dream, arouses curiosity, and triggers wanderlust. We supported the Reisefabrik in Constance with the redesign of their store, transforming the travel agent into a hip port of call for adventure seekers, wellness enthusiasts, and anyone with a cosmopolitan outlook. The new store boasts an industrial look: high ceilings, ample light, and lounge-like furnishings. It invites customers to spend time and chat with the sales staff. We emphasized this look with targeted spotlights to create a lively atmosphere, dividing the space into different zones to provide guidance. Customers can arrive, immerse themselves, find inspiration, and book their next vacation!


General information

Description: Basic lighting
Project type: New build
Location: Constance
Realization: Konrad Knoblauch
Year: 2019
Products: Tracklight TL1