Concerted light at the POS

Our goal is the „Synergy of Retail Lighting“. There are countless light sources at any Point of Sale, from shelves, counters displaying fresh produce, and refrigerated cabinets to ceiling-mounted lights. We have coordinated our product range to suit this wide variety of potential uses. However, to create an effect with real impact requires harmonious interaction of the individual factors of space, colour and light. We believe our brief is to create this type of fully integrated lighting concept, which beautifully sets the scene for your products both in the food and non-food sector, and guides customer attention to specific benefits.

Areas of application

Our product portfolio covers four major areas of use: general lighting, accent lighting, damp room lighting, refrigerating lighting and shelf lighting. Our overall lighting concept is formed by appropriately combining the individual areas to be illuminated, whilst also taking into account the other elements of room design.