Full service

We’re all-rounders, at home in everything from lighting planning and technology to scenario design. We not only present, stage, and highlight. We also advise our customers on everything from the choice of lighting to complete concepts in the retail context and how best to install such systems in your store. This makes us a strong partner and guarantees a quality solution.
Providing a customized product range and personalized services for each and every client.


1. Discovering light: Advice.

We have a genuine, deep-seated interest in our customers, seeing the local conditions and local requirements as a chance to excel. We work with you to establish just what you need: An innovative store design? Intelligent networking? A brand refresh? Or a change of image?
We ensure your existing lighting concept fulfills its entire potential. Or alternatively can devise completely new ideas. We constantly aim to find the most efficient solution and one with cutting-edge technology.
Interested? Come to our showroom to find out more about the lighting scenarios we have on offer.


2. Designing light: Planning.

Our team of experts is made up of engineers and lighting planners. They boast all the technical know-how and the keen sense for design required to flesh out the planning. What can we improve? Where is there more potential to tap? How can we get customers excited? How can we enhance the buying experience? We explore trendsetting solutions and come up with an intelligent, holistic lighting concept. Tailored to your brand and changing product lines. And equipped with the right light source for any situation, be it shelving or fridge.


3. Deploying light: Installation.

We make lighting concepts a reality – and let light do the talking. With the utmost in creativity and precision and a wealth of experience, we advise you on everything from your choice of lighting to opening your store. We assemble the relevant planning material, including exact details of how to direct and install the light professionally. In fact, we can supply and set up the lights as well as check the entire lighting system before it goes into operation in real conditions.


4. Taking light further: Development potential.

With our keen focus on innovation, we invariably come up with trendsetting solutions. We create lighting systems that will stand the test of time. Systems that can be used flexibly. That can cope with both changes to your product range and increasing digitization. For you as our customer, this means we will always be the partner at your side, even after your store has opened, ready to respond to any questions. We are forever reengineering our systems to make certain as you move into the future of retail, so your lighting is always state of the art!