Beautifully staged.

In fashion presentation, light is the crucial accessory. Light makes the clothes on offer glow and brings them to life: Fabrics gain texture and colors become luminous or shimmer seductively. Light focuses the customers’ eyes on the product, drawing them in and tempting them to make a purchase.
We are adept at staging. With our holistic LED concept, we foster lively interaction between different light sources, graduated brightness, and light colors. We tell thrilling stories and ensure a real sparkle with every new collection.

MyDutyFree Flughafen München

Flexible shelf lighting.

Shelf lighting reveals details, taking customers closer to the product and accentuating colors and structures more intensely. At the same time, we need flexible lighting systems, the kind that are particularly adaptable for changing product ranges. It is with this in mind that we have developed our SML strip light range: Its white light temperature can be customized to your product range and shelving systems by means of a color change function – bringing real variety to shelving and banishing that same old tired monotony.


Dynamically directed light.

It is not our intention to bore or dazzle you but to arouse your curiosity and send out positive messages. We use selective rear-wall lighting to bring retail spaces to life and to attract customers, who can then embark on a thrilling adventure once inside: The wall displays are bright and focused, while special-offer areas reach out in low-level brightness. Highlights are everywhere, with no diffuse corners. With our luminous Brilliance color, we achieve the high color reproduction you need and create highly atmospheric spaces.


Dramatic display windows.

As all retailers know, display windows are the face of a store. They act as a teaser for the brand message. Here, perfect illumination is the crucial factor for a spectacular window display and an effective brand message. We opt for lustrous effects brimming with color and light displays full of movement – where the customer simply has to stop, succumbing to curiosity.