Lighting for refrigerated cabinets

Our LED luminaires are flexible and designed specially to meet the exacting demands of retail life. We develop smart solutions, perfectly tailored to specific tasks, contexts, and purposes. In the food sector, we are active in the categories of ceiling, room, shelving, display, fresh-food counter, and refrigerated display. We consciously use luminaires aligned precisely with the geometry of the refrigerated cabinets. To present displays to best advantage, our range includes differing light distribution as well as white and special light colors for meat, cheese, and fish. No detail is too small, and each product group is bathed in the very best light.


Lighting for multideck cabinets.

Open refrigerated display cases showcase goods to prominent effect. It is here that we are on eye with the customers. It is here that the eye scans the shelves. And that ideal lighting of the fronts of products really counts. For multidecks, we combine various lighting systems – classic head illumination and horizontal display lighting with vertical door rail lighting. The volume and distribution of light depend on the design of the display, as well as on the product group. We devise the right lighting systems for each multideck.
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The ideal light color – perfectly blended.

We have a large selection of luminaires and lighting systems. Including, of course, standard white colors for dairy products and packaging – and individual light colors for the changing product range in the supermarket. The challenge lies with perishable goods – sausage and meat products, as well as cheeses and delicatessen items. Our solution: gentle lighting and a specially developed color spectrum to reduce graying of the meat. Thanks to the eyeconex software, we are able to adjust the light color within the light strip, and this way can flexibly regulate the light as the product range changes along the line, from dairy products to meat. It’s all part of our innovative service and flexible lighting design. Read more here.



Intense light – without glare.

Our light has a magical effect – radiantly bright and pure. Free of unpleasant glare, disturbing light spots, and reflections. Thanks to our innovative lens technology, the individual light spots become almost invisible – nothing reflects on the product packaging. Product information is clear and easy to read. And your clients will identify the contents easily and quickly. In particular as regards vertically installed light strips in glass-fronted refrigerated cabinets, we pay close attention to a perfect light mix and minimal reflection. So clients can browse the shelves with nothing to disturb them. Find out more about our technical tricks here.


Light for refrigerated islands and chests.

For refrigerated islands, we have developed continuous batten luminaires. In technical terms, they score points for their asymmetrical lens technology and specific light colors. Which means goods are lit evenly and packaging shimmers attractively. On the practical side, they stand out for their intelligent design. The plug-in system provides for easy assembly and can be fitted precisely into the handrail of the refrigerated island. Thanks to integrated controls, we are also able to adjust the brightness level to the ceiling lighting easily and at any time.


Visual guidance – light for orientation.

Effective lighting guides customers intuitively through the retail areas and generates positive (purchase) stimuli.

We go for greater light intensities and strong colors to offer orientation in the space and provide visual accents. What the retail world calls color blocking. With our colored light concept, we give the cabinets a greater sense of depth and ensure variation in the setting. Added to which, thanks to the eyeconex software, the CBL strip can be adjusted for color and grouped in individual zones. This way, we provide an innovative service and ensure true customer satisfaction.