Controllable light quality

The recessed spotlight allows convenient control via app, with the light colour and dimming can be controlled. In terms of colour temperature, a range of 2,700K to 4,000K is selectable and a CRI of 92 to 97 is given. The recessed luminaire realizes a mesh function with which each luminaire addressed gives instructions to the next one. So a group function for an individual lighting concept is possible, without any additional hardware. In addition, the recessed spotlight can be swiveled up to 40 ° to illuminate rooms perfectly.

Technical data


8 W

Operating voltage

220 - 240 V

Product type




Color temperature

2700 - 4000 K

Colour rendering index Ra

92 - 97

Power consumption

9 (kWh/1000 h)

Max. standby Energy

0,9 W


40.000 h

Switching cycles



68 mm

* Controllable via our Eyeconex app.
(Light colours and brightness)
Software requirements:
Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.

Eyeconex App available for Android and iOS.

Product details


Colourbeam App

The Colourbeam app combined with the controllable ledxon bulb creates the desired atmosphere with the touch of a finger. With numerous functions such as timer, group function, scene settings, light colour change you can create individual light scenes comfortably without WIFI. The password function ensures the protection of your data.


Compact design

With its extremely sleek design, the clever spotlight unfolds its full effect even with a particularly flat installation depth. It meets the highest safety standards and ensures long-term stable use.

Light distribution

Setting accents

With a beam angle of 40°, the Bluetooth recessed spotlight specifically highlights selected areas.

In application