Small strip, big demand

The SML series takes into account the high lighting requirements on the shelf. It is perfectly suited for staging uncooled product groups. Its slim, edgeless design makes it practically invisible. The focus is clearly on the light emission. The strip can be retrofitted to existing shelving units without tools and in just a few simple steps.

The SML also has all the advantages of the eyeconex light management:

Mesh function, timer function, group setting, scene setting, password protected, dimming with Bluetooth, light colours individually adjustable via Bluetooth.

The linear luminaire is now also listed with shelf electrification from GleeBees (Rehau Group)!

Technical data


6 - 12,6 W

Operating voltage

24 V DC (± 5%)

Product type

Light strip

LED type




Light efficiency

up to 98 lm / W

Colour consistency


Colour rendering index Ra



L80 B10 50.000 h @ 25°C

Ambient temperature

+10°C to +40°C*




– Mesh function

– Timer function

– Group setting

– Scene setting

– Password protected

– Dimmable via Bluetooth

– Food light colours adjustable via Bluetooth

Product details


Easy installation, variable positioning

The strip can be easily installed and positioned on metal, wood or glass shelves using a hidden magnet or screw holder. The 24 volt power connection integrated at both ends guarantees maximum flexibility. If required, short connecting cables allow several SML strips to be connected in a shadowless sequence to form a continuous light line.

SML Produktdetails

Light distribution

Almost no light points

The SML illuminates the entire goods display brightly and evenly. Light points can almost be excluded. With the asymmetrical one, a special lens directs the light exactly where it is needed. This means that there is no scattering loss due to unfocused light.

SML Produktdetails