Linear staging

The track luminaire TB1 is designed for design-oriented food and non-food shops. With the available lengths of the TB1, it is possible to use them as a single luminaire in mixed use with other ledxon luminaires or to string them together as a continuous light line. The TB1 not only impresses with its simple installation method via three-phase busbar, but also with its light distribution, which is available in four different emission characteristics. The efficiency of the linear luminaire saves considerable energy and maintenance costs. 

The TB1 also has all the advantages of the eyeconex light management:

Mesh function, timer function, group setting, scene setting, password protected, dimming with Bluetooth, light colours individually adjustable via Bluetooth

Technical data


15 - 73 W

Operating voltage

230 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz

Product type

Anbauleuchte / Stromschiene

LED type




Luminous flux Class

2.000 - 11.000 lm

Light efficiency

bis zu 148 lm / W

Colour consistency



L80 B10 50.000 h @ 25°C



Product details


Perfect lighting

With the light colors 830,840 and 930,940 the TB1 realizes the optimal lighting of the goods or graphics of large surfaces in different room situations.


Design-oriented caseing

The sleek case design, available in sizes 600, 900, 1800, in black and white, fits perfectly in a design-oriented ceiling concept and is easy to install in standard 3-phase busbars. Ideal combination with the TL1, TLM1 and TP1.


Diversity in illumination

With four different beam angles, wide, linear, asymmetric and symmetrical, the TB1 offers many possibilities for effective and even illumination of large areas, corridors, graphics, fabric fronts and dark aisles.