As flexible as your store!

With its digitally controllable zoom, the TLM2-Zoom-BT tracklight brings individual products, brands and promotional areas flexibly and quickly into the focus of the customer and thus raises every lighting concept in the shop to a new level. It is also possible to react quickly to constant product changes in order to maintain the dramaturgy of the lighting scenario.

The TLM2-Zoom-TW-BT tracklight has the additional feature of being able to digitally control the white light in addition to the zoom via eyeconex. This allows the light colour to be adjusted more flexibly and quickly to action areas and product changes. In addition, the high light quality (CRI 90 – 97) of the tracklight makes all products look even more natural and of higher quality to further increase sales.



Controllable Zoom

  • Controllable zoom sets highlights for individual products, brands and promotion areas.
  • Fast response to frequently changing product fronts thanks to eyeconex lighting management.
  • Saves planning time thanks to on-site adjustment option.
  • Zoom adjustable from 15° to 50°.
  • No more manual adjustments or maintenance work on the ceiling, which saves time and money.
  • Zoom compensates for ceiling installation height.
  • Highly efficient lens technology enables long zoom life.
  • eyeconex dimming function realises higher luminous intensity longevity.

Stylish ceiling light

  • Discreet and modern housing provides for an unagitated and appealing ceiling appearance.
  • Available in the housing colours white, grey and black.
  • Can be integrated into 3-phase tracks in just a few moments.
  • Can be rotated in a 355° radius and swivelled through 90°.
  • Power supply unit integrated in track to keep heat source away.

Adjust Tuneable White individually

  • Thanks to eyeconex, white light can be adapted more individually and flexibly to action areas and product changes.
  • White light range from 2,700K to 5,000K digitally selectable.
  • High-quality appearance of products, brands and sales areas thanks to high light quality (CRI 90).
  • Optimises lighting design by allowing on-site adjustment.

Product details

Light distribution

Focused Zoom

The flexible light distribution of the zoom allows objects to always be placed in the right light. With a zoom range of 15° to 50°, there are almost no limits to lighting design.

Technical data


25 W - 28 W

Operating voltage

230 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz

Product type

Surface mounted luminaire

LED type




Variable beam angle


Luminous flux

3000 lm

Light efficiency

up to 90 lm / W

Colour consistency



L80 B10 50.000 h @ 25°C *




Passive cooled

Rotation / swivel angle

355° / 90°