Focus on the essential – your goods!

The Tracklight TLM1-BT impresses with its discreet design for an unagitated and stylish ceiling appearance. The ceiling luminaire can be controlled via a mobile device and offers all the features of eyeconex light management to put your products in the spotlight. A high quality of light (CRI 9o-97) and special light colours also ensure that colour nuances are clearly displayed, making the merchandise appear more natural.


Pinpoint illumination via eyeconex

  • Can be installed in just a few moments via a 3-phase track on which it can be easily moved.
  • In combination with the eyeconex lighting management system, the precise illumination of the goods display is easy to organise.
  • High-quality appearance of products, brands and sales areas, thanks to high lighting quality (CRI 90-97).
  • Also available in special light colours.
  • Eyeconex dimming function compensates for ceiling height and achieves greater longevity.

Stylish design

  • Discreet and modern housing creates an unobtrusive and appealing ceiling appearance.
  • Available in the housing colours white, grey and black.
  • Rotates in a 355° radius and swivels 90°.
  • Power supply unit integrated in track

Product details

Light distribution

Powerful Spotlights

The beam angles are 18°, 24° or 36°, depending on the customer’s requirements, and allow individual staging of the product display.