Discreet spotlight

The Tracklight TLM1 impresses with its small size and meets the current customer demand for ever smaller solutions for sophisticated ceiling lighting. The discreet spotlight puts non-food products in the right light and can be easily integrated into the existing architecture.

Technical data


16 - 25 W

Operating voltage

230 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz

Product type

Surface mounted luminaire

LED type




Light efficiency

up to 135 lm / W

Colour consistency


Colour rendering index Ra

90, 97


L80 B10 65.000 h @ 25°C

Rotation angle


Swing angle


Product details


To the point

The Tracklight TLM1 can be installed in a few moments on a 3-phase track. Since it can be easily moved on this track, the precise illumination of the goods display is child’s play. If great importance is attached to colour authenticity, we recommend our ledxon light colour Brilliance.


Clever optics

The small track luminaire is available in the two power classes 20 Watt and 30 Watt. It is available with a black or white housing and adapts perfectly to the style of the shop. We offer the Tracklight TLM1 in the three common white light colours and two brilliance variations with up to CRI 97. Spot on!

Light distribution

Strong results

The beam angles are 18°, 24° or 36°, depending on the customer’s requirements, and allow an individual presentation of the goods display.

Tracklight TL1 Lichtverteilung