Climate protection in focus

13. June 2018

Since April, ledxon has been buying green electricity from LichtBlick. The company thus contributes directly to climate protection, CO2 reduction and the energy transition. Overall, it avoids, according to LichtBlick, annually 9.42 tonnes of attributable CO2 emissions in this way.

As a manufacturer of LED lighting, ledxon has always relied on green energy. This makes it all the more important for the company to stand up for sustainability and to raise awareness among its own employees for environmentally friendly behaviour. With a climate protection certificate, LichtBlick confirms a future-oriented and environmentally-oriented positioning by purchasing 100 percent climate-friendly energy.

LichtBlick has been involved in environmental and climate protection since 1998 and has received several awards. The largest provider of green electricity in Germany stands for renewable, clean energy that does not come from nuclear, coal or oil power plants and is the ideal partner for ledxon in terms of climate protection.

Klimaschutz im Fokus: ledxon beizhet Ökostrom