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Dynamic of Light

People, space and goods are in constant motion and always changing. New influences have a permanent impact on our needs - both on the (sales) space itself and on our shopping behavior. The only constant? – Permanent movement and change. That's why we don't see light as a static element, but as flexible.

Lichtanwendungen Szene2 Regale Mittel grau

Adaptive light

Our light is the dynamic constant that is already making the lighting worlds of the future possible today.

"Future generations of luminaires no longer have to be aligned and adjusted to changing situations - they do this independently"

What do dynamic lighting solutions need to have today in order to still have answers to changing environments tomorrow?

The 5 Elements of Dynamics

The transformation towards multifunctional lighting systems that can react to changing environments begins here and now.


Transformation made easy. TLM2

The installation of multifunctional lights is worthwhile, especially with high ceilings and rapidly changing room conditions, such as in shop windows, galleries or car dealerships - this allows you to concentrate on your core business.