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About Ledxon


We are fascinated by light - and we fascinate with light.

We can move people, create longings, draw attention, tell stories, create unique moods.

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Company brochure We are thinkers, planners and implementers.

We have a genuine, deep interest in our clients, their contexts and needs. We take them seriously and invest a lot of time to really understand them.


We create function and design.

We attach particular importance to a timeless design that follows the technology.

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We understand light dynamically.

We don't see light as a static element, but as flexible. Our light is the dynamic constant that is already making the lighting worlds of the future possible today.

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We develop what we promise.

Our production quality forms the cornerstone for durable products with a high level of reliability. You can rely on Ledxon products.

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We produce values – in Europe.

More precisely in Opole, Poland –

And so we have all the resources in-house. We can always implement design changes and customer-specific ideas extremely quickly.

Visionary from the start.

We are a young brand with a lot of experience. We know exactly what we can and want. We are extremely curious, question established standards, make them better or completely rethink them. We are not a startup, but we think and act like one. Brave. Agile. ambitious. We are not afraid of disruption. We are the disruption.