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Light for food

Ledxon Licht fuer Lebensmittel

The right lighting concept simply brings your business to life.

We therefore use all kinds of lighting and harmonious light colors to highlight specific elements – so that meat, cold cuts and fish, cheese, bakery goods, fruit and vegetables appear tasty and appetizing. In the right light, your products will seem noticeably fresher and bursting with flavor

Product highlights

Ledxon licht fuer food vitamin

When apples shine and lettuces look as fresh as the morning dew: That’s when freshness becomes tangible and quality visible.

The fruit and vegetable section is the calling card of any supermarket. We know that and use special light colors for specific product groups. High fidelity and a gamut value with a present fruit and vegetable displays particularly vividly and with realistic color rendering.

Fresh Meat

Light for displays - Be it cheese, meat, or fish:

Be it cheese, meat, or fish: A glance at the fresh food counter must be attracted by a perfect balance between cleanliness, hygiene, and appetizing appeal. We provide custom-mixed light temperatures, just right for any product group. Meat is especially challenging, so we purpose-developed our Fresh Meat light color to bring out the natural shades of red as well as the shades of white present in meat. For cheese, we recommend our Cheese & Pastry light color, which is made up primarily of warm color components. This makes soft cheese appear creamier, and the crystals in mature hard cheese shimmer even more appealingly. And for fish there is Fresh Fish, with perfectly attuned light color – natural and fresh instead of artificial and sterile.

Lx ptl uv c 02

UVC disinfection of goods surfaces

Are there methods that reliably carry out the surface disinfection of goods in order to enable the consumer to have a carefree shopping experience again?

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Refrigerate lighting.

We are specialists at illuminating foods and know the best way to present all kinds of products. We have developed a special product range for chillers, purposefully adapted to the dimensions of the different refrigerated units and with various light colors and brightness settings. Meaning you can ring in the changes at will. What’s crucial here is to find the right balance between directional characteristics and white and special light colors, so you can banish that frosty look – once and for all!

"We focus on the entire point of sale. We are the experts here and have many years of experience. Lighting never stands alone. It has to adapt to often changing product ranges, structural changes and spatial conditions. Our LED solutions are therefore flexible and take into account each individual light source as well as the colours, interior and architecture of a room."