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Light for shops

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Light makes clothes shine and makes them come alive.

When fashion is presented, light is the key accessory. Fabrics gain plasticity, colors glow or shimmer seductively. The light directs the customer's gaze to the goods, attracts them and (tempts) them to make a purchase.

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Quality down to the last detail.

We are constantly developing new lights and approaches to meet the growing demands in the retail sector. Our repertoire is diverse: surface-mounted and recessed lights, illuminants and light strips as well as components and light engines offer a variety of possible uses.

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Real variance on the shelf - color dynamics instead of lifeless monotony!

We illuminate details on the shelf – the light moves closer to the goods, emphasizing colors and structures even more intensively. At the same time, we need flexible lighting systems that are particularly adaptable to changing product ranges. We have developed the SML light bar series especially for this.

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Dynamic lighting.

We don't want to bore or dazzle, but arouse curiosity and set positive impulses. With selective rear wall lighting, we bring dynamism to the retail areas and attract customers. An exciting tour begins in the shop: the wall displays are bright and focused, while the campaign areas are flat and have a low level of brightness. With the light color Brilliance, we achieve high color rendering and create atmospheric rooms.

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The shop window is the face of your shop and a teaser for the brand message.

Every retailer knows that the perfect lighting is the decisive factor for eye-catching shop window design and an effective brand message. We rely on radiant effects with lots of color and moving light effects - this is where the customer stops, this is where curiosity is aroused.t of your shop and teaser of the brand message.

With the right light, every shop can tell its own story.