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Product studies

Fresh Meat - Perfect meat lighting

Bright and particularly intense light, as well as the use of the wrong light spectrum, can even accelerate graying. That is why we have developed a specific light for meat and sausage products. Ledxon Fresh Meat ensures the perfect balance of light quantity and mix of the right light spectra. With less blue in the white light, we reduce the light energy and thus slow down the oxidation process. Fresh Meat evenly emphasizes both the white fat veins and the red nuances.

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Freshness and variety count in the supermarket! Here, food must always be extremely crisp and perfectly ripe - and of course it should look particularly appetizing. This applies in particular to the presentation of meat and sausage products. This is a real challenge - because this is where the natural graying process quickly sets in. This is not a sign of poor quality, but a natural reaction. As soon as the goods come into contact with oxygen and light, the dye in the meat oxidizes.

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Properly packaged lasts longer

In the case of packaged goods, the graying process is reduced many times over because the enclosed oxygen content is very low.

Thanks to our many years of experience in illuminating fresh food counters and refrigeration units, we are real experts when it comes to meat lighting.


Influence of all light sources

Secondary light sources usually also play a decisive role. Overhead lighting can often have a significant impact on product lighting. These are often chosen independently of the meat display. The spectrum is therefore unsuitable for illuminating meat.

If you also have problems with increased flesh greying, please contact us. We consider all factors to determine an adequate result.