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Product studies

Product studies UVC

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purge Technology

The new ledxon purge technology combines two key technologies into one new application. On the one hand, there is UV-C technology, which is already being used in other industrial sectors and has been established for years.

Light in this wavelength range is invisible to the eye and has the special property of a germicidal, germicidal effect, but without penetrating the packaging and damaging the food inside. The further development of this technology in the LED area ultimately results in advantages that allow it to be used in the disinfection of goods.

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Smart sensors

The integrated ledxon smart sensors complete the new purge technology. This controls, among other things, the exact dosing of the application and regulates the cleaning process. This ensures that after a product has been removed, this only takes place in the corresponding segment and pauses as soon as a customer is about to remove goods. This enables this technology to be used during ongoing operations in the supermarket.

The ledxon purge technology thus creates more hygiene and safety for people, while at the same time protecting the goods and resulting in more relaxed shopping for the customer.

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Reduces surfaces from bacteria and viruses by up to 99.9%

After only a short period of time, the PTL-UV-C bar achieves a significant reduction in the bacterial and viral load on goods. The operating modes, which are regulated according to opening times, enable a degree of disinfection of the irradiated goods surfaces of up to 99.9%. The decisive factor here is the UV-C dose used. This consists of the irradiation intensity multiplied by the irradiation time.

Intensity x time = dose

(mW/cm²) x (s) = (mWs/cm²) = (mJ/cm²)

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Effective disinfection

The next important factor in UV-C disinfection is, of course, the organisms themselves that are being targeted. Everyone needs their own specific dose of UV-C radiation to be rendered harmless. The setup of the ledxon PTL-UV-C bar is selected in such a way that an optimal disinfection effect is guaranteed for the refrigerated cabinet area, while at the same time the irradiated goods remain intact.