eyeconex light management – that’s innovative service.

Here at Ledxon, we put all our technical know-how and creativity into developing pioneering solutions. We focus specifically on devising innovative and sustainable lighting systems. Our future lies in digitization, intelligent networking, and innovative services. With the eyeconex light management system, every lighting installation can be dynamically controlled and tailored optimally to your needs. It’s all controlled centrally – so energy consumption is optimally regulated and retail spaces are presented to perfection. The light can be adjusted 24/7 and fine-tuned to the season and changing merchandise displays.


The right basis.

We analyze conditions ‘on the ground’ and work with you to develop the ideal basic setting for your store lighting. This hinges on identifying the perfect lighting scenario: authentic color rendering for your product lines, optimal light distribution, and appropriate highlighting.


An efficient system.

We don’t aim to dazzle, but rather to create sustainable lighting solutions that deliver light exactly where it is needed. We develop intelligent compositions rather than flashy light shows. The results are not glaring, but brilliant; not dull, but soft. We make particularly efficient use of light, applying it effectively to illuminate your product lines. And with our light management software, we go one step further and pass this know-how on to you. Enabling you to regulate the light and to save automated changes in lighting. Brightness settings are determined by product size, color, and positioning. Ingeniously simple, but also truly efficient: Merchandise is presented to maximum effect and your electricity costs minimized.


Greater dynamism and maximum flexibility.

Current POS requirements are enormous – impacted by changing product lines, adjustments in shelving arrangements, individually designed promotional areas, seasonal window campaigns, and fluctuating trends. So we’ve developed dynamic lighting systems that respond flexibly to this forever changing world. With eyeconex, the lighting can be optimally regulated, individually enhanced, and adapted seasonally. Our lighting systems are as dynamic as is the retail industry itself.