eyeconex – New ways of light

Light digitally organised – Synergy 2.0

New ways, new opportunities!

Discover the world of our digital lighting solutions. With the eyeconex light management system you organise your light system dynamically and innovatively. Eyeconex helps you to stage your rooms perfectly, to keep your energy consumption always on the ideal level and to manage the service around your light.

Corporate Lighting. Your store your needs.

As the basis of any lighting design, precise analysis of your interiors is essential. We bring our expert knowledge into a shared dialogue in order to define the ideal basic settings for your store lighting. We ask the basic questions – how authentic is the colour reproduction for your different product groups? What light distribution and what brightness will be used where and how, and why?

Once we have defined the basic principles for the lighting tools, we take one key step further. A state-of-the-art lighting system needs to be able to respond to requirements at the point of sale. A constantly changing array of items, changed shelving, individually designed promotions, seasonal window displays, etc.  These examples show us: Your lighting should actually function as dynamically as your sales display requires. eyeconex helps you use your lighting to promote sales while simultaneously reducing energy consumption and therefore saving costs.

We call this the perfect synergy 2.0

Six steps to your effective lighting concept