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Linear Rigid

Lean and efficient

The LED components of the Linear Rigid series are characterized above all by their versatility, which ranges from professional, decorative to specialized, industrial series solutions. With their slim design, they also have an effect in a small space and can, for example, be integrated directly into shelves.

Product Details
Lx23 Liniear Rigid Website Produktdetails

Wattage1.5 - 6 W
Voltage24 V DC
Light efficiencybis zu 155 lm/W
Light color2.700 / 3.000 / 4.000 / 5.000 K
CRIra >80 / ra >90
LifetimeL80 B10 / 36.000 h
PCB materialAluminium
Length300 mm
ConnectionWAGO 2059 / 2060
  • Lx23 Icons final HICRI