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Ledxon Moden Schweiss Fashion web 01

Schweiss fashion house

A fashion house shines in a new light

The fashion industry is constantly creating new trends – with fresh textile creations and new patterns and cuts. These new creations are then presented in fashion stores, malls, and boutiques – with up to 12 new collections every year! Store operators have to react flexibly to the changing range – and keep developing new settings with appropriate lighting.

The Schweiss fashion house has been in the trade for almost 70 years and is one of the biggest department stores in the Regensburg area. The family-run company stands for tradition and a keen sense for trends, having seen many a fashion trend come and go. We re-staged the entire store and installed a contemporary, efficient, and flexible lighting system, with 600 track and downlights in various performance classes installed over three levels. For this purpose, we used a warm white light color to create a pleasantly warm atmosphere throughout the department store. The luminaires with a CRI of 90 render colors and materials brilliantly and, most importantly, realistically. This ensures a vivid experience of the fabric and authentic color rendering. The low UV content in the LED lights also ensures the merchandise does not fade. With the new lighting system, our customers can react flexibly to changing collections and save electricity at the same time.

General data
DescriptionDeckenbeleuchtung für das Modehaus
Project typeUmrüstung
CustomerModen Schweiss GmbH
ProductsDownlight DLA1, Tracklight TL1, EDOS Einbaustrahler