Corporate lighting design.


Your lighting. Our expertise.

Light arouses emotions, focuses our gaze, evokes an atmosphere, and inspires. We utilize this potential, staging dynamic shopping experiences instead of run-of-the-mill store concepts.
We develop customized lighting systems for any store – always perfectly suited to consumers, the space, and the product. We leave nothing to chance, relying in the process not only on cutting-edge lighting technology but also on perceptual psychology.



As experienced lighting designers, we know that with the right lighting any store can tell a story of its own. The art of storytelling means turning abstract information into something to which people can relate, thus presenting products in an ideal light. Instead of standardized looks, we create sensory experiences, appealing to customers directly and filling them with enthusiasm.


Lighting design.

Be it for a supermarket, boutique, or office: Our long years of experience, innovative products and precise planning mean we find prime solutions even for really difficult situations. In order to achieve the best results, we deploy 3D planning software to calculate and simulate the exact requirements. Then we design customized lighting concepts. This methodology means we can guarantee reliable planning and system quality – from the light itself to the entire store design.