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Competence Center

In our headquarters in Geisenhausen we show you the sheer variety of our product range. Not only can you view the luminaires, lighting concepts and their areas of use, but you can find out all about their synergies! It is at our HQ that we are busy exploring the future of retail and devising new solutions to present to you. There is space for product and showroom presentations, symposiums, workshops and lighting events.
Interested? Drop by and experience – the synergy of retail lighting.

Ledxon corporate lighting 001

Lighting concepts in use

Our lighting concepts are customized to suit the specific conditions ‘on the ground’. Namely in the areas where they will be used and the product lines they are shedding the best light on. In the showroom we demonstrate our luminaires in various thematic areas and show you how you can tap synergies. We focus on the perfect interaction of light, space, people and your wares. On the best possible light for food and stores.

Ledxon showroom geisenhausen 01

Innovative product range

We stand for intelligent lighting solutions – from the development of efficient luminaires to the elaboration of holistic lighting concepts and digital services. Ingeniously flexible and energy-efficient, our eyeconex light management system puts the power in your hands. To control your lighting digitally and centrally. It underpins our dynamic lighting concept.
Drop by: In our mock-up rooms we present luminaire technology and lighting systems in interplay with the eyeconex light management system.

Ledxon showroom geisenhausen 02

Quality test in the light lab

As all our luminaires are professionally measured in our light laboratory using a goniophotometer to guarantee maximum transparency and deliver prime quality.
Like to learn more? Attend one of our seminars to find out how to interpret light specifications and data correctly.

Ledxon Lichtmessung Lichtlabor web