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Architectural Lighting

Ledxon office 1

Light makes clothes shine and makes them come alive.

Maximum functionality with visual comfort at the same time. Today's office spaces require maximum flexibility and therefore require contemporary lighting solutions.

Ledxon Museum

Light for museums

Highlight without being in the foreground. Museum lighting requires a flexible mix of general and accent lighting, which can also be easily adapted to changing exhibits.

Ledxon schule 1

Light for public facilities

By giving us orientation and helping us to accomplish important tasks. Educational institutions should focus on selecting light that is not only functional but also atmospherically appealing.

LKS PL Hero 199

Light across the board.

Whether as a light channel, pendant or surface-mounted version.
Our light lines offer maximum visual comfort and functionality.

"People, space, and their context are in constant movement and always changing. New influences have a permanent influence on our needs - both on the space itself and on our behavior. That's why we don't view light as a static element, but rather as flexible ."

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