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Light for refrigeration

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Exceptionally cool product presentations.

Each type of shelving needs an individual lighting solution. It doesn't matter whether it's classic shelving, half-height furniture, counters, top freezers or hybrids, whether open or closed - we have the right lighting system. The decisive factor is the balance between light quantity and distribution, coordinated with the shelf geometry, the design of the pusher and the product group.

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The ideal light color for quality and freshness.

We have a large selection of luminaires and lighting systems, with standard white light colors for dairy products and packaging, as well as individual light colors for the changing range of goods in the supermarket. Thanks to the eyeconex software, we can adjust the light color within the light bar. And so the light can be flexibly regulated as the product range changes, from dairy products to meat products. This is innovative service.

Beyond service.

Our lights are precisely aligned to the geometry of the refrigerated cabinets. For this we have developed special light strips that are tailored to fit and at the same time flexibly adaptable to the diverse requirements of our customers. For an individual staging of the displays, we have different radiation characteristics as well as white light colors and special light colors for meat, cheese and fish in the program.

Fresh Meat

Fresh Meat Technology- Keeps meat products fresh for longer.

Freshness and variety count in the supermarket! Here, food must always be extremely crisp and perfectly ripe - and of course it should look particularly appetizing. This applies in particular to the presentation of meat and sausage products.

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Initiative Plus 1

Visual guidance – light for orientation.

Through the targeted use of different light intensities, contrasts, light colors and also the types of lights, we create orientation in the room and set meaningful visual accents. In retail we call this color blocking.