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Lx23 ALM1 Website Produktdetails
Surface-mounted light


Flexible Performance

The ALM1 series is ideal for ceiling layouts in which surface-mounted lights are required to take on a variety of lighting tasks. The spotlight can be rotated and swiveled continuously, impresses thanks to its high optical glare reduction and fits in with the restrained aesthetics of the TLM1 track and ELM1 recessed light variation.

Product Details
Lx23 ALM1 Website Produktdetails 3
  • Variety of variants enables a wide range of applications
  • two different power classes, three beam angles
  • Black anti-glare ring to optimize glare evaluation (UGR) available as an accessory
  • Standard light colors with high CRI
  • thoughtful design
  • continuously rotatable and pivotable
  • small design

Wattage17 - 26 W
Luminous class2.000 - 3.000 lm
Light efficiencybis zu 135 lm/W
Body colourweiß, schwarz, grau
LifetimeL80 B10 / 50.000 h
Diameterø 70 mm / 150 mm
rotation / swivel angle355° / 90°
Beam angle18° / 24° / 36°
color consistencyinitial MacAdam 3 SDCM
Light color2.700 / 3.000 / 4.000 / 5.700 K / Speziallichtfarben
CRIbis zu ra >97
  • Lx 23 ICON BEG
  • Lx23 Icons final HICRI
  • Lx23 Icons Gehäusefarben lx23 ICON Farbe weiß
  • Lx23 Icons Gehäusefarben lx23 ICON Farbe schwarz n
Product information
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