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Recessed light

Edos Round

Form meets efficiency

Bright and flexible, LED panels are perfect for effective general lighting in corridors, shops or offices. The EDOS Round is characterized by its round shape. At the same time, it remains optically unobtrusive in the background and illuminates not only individual zones, but entire areas very efficiently

Product Details
Lx 23 EDOS Round Website Produktdetails v2
  • Flat housing enables installation even with flat ceilings
  • Low installation depth
  • Up to 60% energy savings compared to compact fluorescent lamps
  • Homogeneous light distribution thanks to high-quality diffuser
  • External driver for easy replacement

Wattage9 - 15 W
Luminous class600 - 1.000 lm
CRIra >90
Light color3.000 / 4.000 / 6.500 K
Color consistancyinitial MacAdam 3 SDCM
Light efficiencybis zu 80 lm/W
Housing colorweiß
LifetimeL70 B10 / 50.000 h
TypesS Type Ø 135 mm
M Type Ø 155 mm
L Type Ø 205 mm
Housing typerund
  • Lx23 Icons final HICRI
  • Lx23 Icons Gehäusefarben lx23 ICON Farbe weiß