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Recessed light

Edos BT recessed spotlight

Tunable white

The recessed spotlight enables convenient control via app, with which the light color and dimming can be regulated. In terms of color temperature, a range of 2,700 K to 4,000 K can be selected and a CRI value of 92 to 97 is given. The built-in light implements a mesh function with which each addressed light passes on commands to the next. A group function for an individual lighting concept is also possible without any additional hardware. In addition, the recessed spotlight can be swiveled up to 40° in order to illuminate rooms perfectly.

Product Details
EBS BT Detail 3 Zeichenfläche 1
  • Controllable white light from 2,700 - 4,000 K
  • perfect light quality even with individually set white light (ra >92)
  • Convenient dimming via Bluetooth
  • no additional control lines required
  • fits in 68 mm ceiling cut-out
  • pivoting version
  • smooth adjustment
  • High quality lens optics

Wattage8 W
Luminous class500 lm
Housing colorweiß, schwarz, nickel gebürstet
LifetimeL80 B50 / 40.000 h
CutoutØ 68 mm
Housing typerund
Beam angle40°
Color consistancyinitial MacAdam 6 SDCM
Light coloreinstellbar von 2.700 - 4.000K
CRIbis zu ra >97
  • Lx 23 ICON TW
  • Lx 23 ICON eyeconex
  • Lx23 Icons final HICRI
  • Lx23 Icons Gehäusefarben lx23 ICON Farbe schwarz n
  • Lx23 Icons Gehäusefarben lx23 ICON Farbe weiß
  • Lx23 Icons Gehäusefarben lx23 ICON Farbe nickel