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Lighting in perfection

A successful mixture of harmonious basic lighting and well-dosed accentuation is required, especially in corridors and open areas. The downlight series DLS1 fulfills both tasks perfectly. It is small and subtle in design. Thanks to high glare control and efficiency, rooms are evenly illuminated down to the last corner.

Product Details
DLS1 Zeichenfläche 1
  • High visual comfort
  • Extremely efficient system
  • Large luminaire spacing for efficient basic lighting
  • Increased color rendering

Wattage23 - 31 W
Luminous class4.000 - 5.000 lm
Light efficiencybis zu 147 lm/W
Housing colorweiß
LifetimeL80 B10 / 65.000 h
ControllableStandard / DALI
CutoutØ 160 mm
Beam angle40° / 60°
Color consistancyinitial MacAdam 3 SDCM
Light color2.700 / 3.000 / 4.000 K
CRIra >80 / ra >92
  • Lx 23 ICON BEG
  • Lx 23 ICON Dali
  • Lx23 Icons final HICRI
  • Lx23 ICON UGR
  • Lx23 Icons Gehäusefarben lx23 ICON Farbe weiß