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Light arouses emotions; it directs our gaze, invokes an atmosphere, and brings inspiration. We develop lighting systems customized for each and every store - optimally tailored to people, the space, and the goods. We support you from the choice of luminaires to the complete retail concept through to installation in store.

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Engineering Desire

We let light do the talking

A pioneering spirit and lighting expertise are the foundation of Ledxon. For 30 years, we have been planning lighting systems in retail and seeking out contemporary solutions. We specialize in the development of linear and spot LED modules and luminaires, with which we perfectly stage all the areas of application at the point of sale - from shelves to chiller cabinets to ceilings.

About Ledxon

“Customers want shopping to be an experience. The sales floor does not remain static, but rather adapts to their needs. Our luminaires and lighting systems can be adapted extremely flexibly to any range of goods at the point of sale.”

Christoph Hiebinger, Head of Product Design

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TLM2 Zoom BT

TLM2 Zoom BT


We are continually developing new luminaires and approaches to meet the growing requirements in retail. On the back of our wide-ranging repertoire: Surface-mounted and recessed luminaires, lamps and strip lights, as well as components and light engines offer variable possibilities for application. Use the product filter for a targeted search for products and specific requirements.

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Welcome to the future of retail

We are always on the hunt for future-oriented solutions - be it for optimizing existing systems or developing innovative lighting concepts. Visit our showrooms and see how light scenarios come to life.


Truly effective lighting concepts

Clarity in architecture and lighting

Optik Busse-Müller

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Light meets kinetic choreography

Petalcloud, Singapore Changi Airport

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Refrigerator section newly staged

Edeka Hille

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A place that invites to dream

Reisefabrik Constance

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Frankfurt am Main, October 2-6 2022

Ledxon radiant in a new light. Welcoming you to light+building 2022.


Ledxon develops UVC strip light for disinfecting goods surfaces


We develop perfectly tailored solutions for every project. Contact us: +49 871 9751 51 60